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The excitement is huge here in our little neck of the West Virginia woods, and this sort of excitement can only mean one thing... That’s right, a new book is on the publishing horizon!

I’m so incredibly thrilled about this release, it’s what I’ve referred to as The Book of My Heart as well as that gift book that writers only see once in a very rare blue moon, also known as, the book that just wrote itself.

It’s called Relatively Crazy and it’s coming soon from The Wild Rose Press.

Here’s the official blurb:

On her fortieth birthday housewife Wanda Jo Ashton is expecting her husband’s standard gift of an E and E from T—that being Elegant and Expensive from Tiffany’s. However, what she gets is the news that her formerly successful, dependable, corporate attorney husband is leaving her to pursue the rich life of a kept man. Left with nothing she has no choice but to escape the San Francisco area, her sixteen-year-old daughter in tow, and head toward the mountains of West Virginia and the embarrassingly quirky family she left behind twenty years ago. Here, Wanda Jo must carve out a future, complete with career and home in the midst of family feuds, computer phobias and the occasional home brewing explosion before she finds out that the good life really only begins at forty.

And to make Relatively Crazy’s release even more exciting, here’s some of the advance reviewer’s praise:

“Relatively Crazy is, as we say in the South, a hoot and a half. Filled with fun characters and witty dialogue, it starts off with a bang and doesn’t let up. This humorous tale of a woman’s journey as she deals with a broken marriage while beginning a new and completely different life than the one she led is heart-warming and thoroughly entertaining. There’s a touch of romance, which spices up the story, along with a refreshing does of camaraderie among some of the women characters. A book readers will truly enjoy (and not want to put down).”

MidWest Book reviews
“This is an outstanding book written by an author who understands how to create great characters.” John Foxjohn, Bestselling Author of Killer Nurse.