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Ended Up -- Ellen Dye
His Saving Grace

Three's the Charm -- Ellen Dye
Three's the Charm

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His Saving Grace -- Ellen Dye

His Saving Grace, (Book 2 West Virginia Mountain Men)

Mama-to-be and professional chef, Grace Dannon, had a run of bad luck. But now, thanks to her generous friend Lauren, she’s once again employed and living rent-free in one of Lauren’s rental properties. Now she’s all set to carry on with her life as a single mother. Grace has some firm opinions regarding men, and even stronger ones regrading stepfathers. She’ll never again allow either into her life.

Building contractor RoyLee Hardison is in Northern Virginia working for Fairmont Realty and missing his hometown of Trenton’s Forge. Due to his last and most painful heartbreak, he’s now officially sworn off women. All women. But he’s danged lonely for a decent mattress, which is why he jumped at the offer from Lauren Fairmont of a rent-free home for his stay.

Fortunately for Grace and RoyLee, Lauren didn’t mention it was the same house.  The most unexpected things can happen when two people are living under one roof….

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Praise for His Saving Grace:

His Saving Grace is the second book in Ellen Dye's Mountain Men of West Virginia series. The author did a great job of making this book stand alone on its own. I have not read the first book, Three's the Charm, but did not feel I was missing anything. Heath and Rachel do make appearances in this story so you may wish to read their story but it would be personal preference rather than necessity.

Both Grace and RoyLee are very down to earth characters which the reader can relate with. Both seem somewhat shy and are scared of being hurt again. This is a great story with some wonderful laugh out loud moments. I do not want to spoil it for anyone but I laughed and laughed during both the laundry and cooking incidents. Those moments really made the book for me….
Romancing the Book, (4 Stars)