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Three's the Charm -- Ellen Dye
Three's the Charm

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Three's the Charm -- Ellen Dye

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Three’s The Charm, (West Virginia Mountain Men Book 1)

Heath Ransom is educated, successful, a brilliant Doctor of Veterinary Medicine---and completely miserable. In the process of making himself amount to something---a feat no Ransom ever before achieved in Trenton's Forge---he'd managed to lose the only person who made his life amount to anything, his wife, Rachel.

Now he's determined to stop at nothing to win her back.

But Rachel has some very firm opinions where her ex-husband is concerned---and no way will Heath, with his golden blonde, ruggedly sexy good looks change any of them. She'd vowed never to speak to him again, and that was that.

However, when her beloved horse falls ill and Heath is the only Vet within three counties of West Virginia mountains, Rachel begins to learn that some vows need to be broken.
And perhaps others are meant to be renewed...

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Praise for Three’s The Charm:

“Growing up, Rachel Griffin's mother warned her against trusting in love, assuring her that a man would only break her heart. Rachel, throwing caution to the wind, married Heath Ransom, her high school sweetheart, thinking they would live happily together for the rest of their lives. But reality intervened when Heath began taking classes in veterinary medicine and Rachel worked to support the two of them. Through a series of misunderstandings and Rachel's perceived failings on the part of Heath, Rachel, thinking her mom was right, called it quits on their relationship and returned home.

A year later, Heath has his DVM degree and is ready to start his practice but his first priority is getting his wife back. Rachel, however, would just as soon never set eyes on Heath Ransom again. But when her horse is attacked by wild dogs, Heath's the only vet around and she's forced to deal with him. As the two continue to come in contact with one another, sparks fly and accusations hurl, both unaware that a traumatic development looms just ahead which will offer each the opportunity to make amends for what went wrong in their marriage. But first, Rachel must let go of the past and trust in love again.

Dye has penned a charming romance here, creating two very likeable characters enmeshed within a galvanizing plot, ensuring a thoroughly enjoyable read. The chemistry between Rachel and Heath is nicely delivered and the character development exceptional. Dialogue is realistic and perfectly enhances time and place. The reader will be vested in the outcome, shedding tears at times and experiencing delight at others, always rooting for Heath and Rachel to find their "happily ever after".
MidWest Book Reviews, (5 Stars)

“I really enjoyed this story written by Ms. Dye because it was packed with so much raw emotion from the opening scene to the very last one. It seemed there was quite a bit of unsaid things between Rachel and Heath and if an opportunity for them to speak was ever going to happen, this was the time to do so. I was hoping all along that Pansy pulled through for Rachel I love how it was Pansy who opened the line of communication between these two estranged individuals.  This story tugged at my heartstrings. You definitely shouldn’t pass this story up.”
Diana, Night Owl Romance Reviews (5 Stars)